Before you Apply Please Read the Requirements and the Driving test Thank you 

Apply to Drive with us!

✪ Driver’s must follow Truckersmp rules.
✪ Tango Transport age is now 16+

✪ You must attend at least one Event/Convoy per month.
✪ You must Drive 1000 mi/1.609 km per month  You must Drive 1000 mi/1.609 km per month 
✪ Driver Trainees will be 2 WEEKS Long.
✪ must be 16+ some exceptions may vary
✪ must own Ats or Ets2
✪ must use MP as we operate online mostly
✪ must use our job logger VTLog 
✪ use our paint skin when we are on the road
✪ respect each member as we are all different
✪ use Tango Transport in your in game tag
✪ Please put your TMP ban history to public so that we can see how your bans are!

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